Wednesday, December 1, 2010




Eddie 'Boy' Walker is a boxer with a chance of the title. When his crooked manager - one Pablo Mesinne - asks him to throw his latest fight, Eddie and trainer Sydney West have other plans. After the fight they decide to lay low, somewhere beyond the reach of Pablo and the shadowy crime syndicate The Group. But when Eddie catches his fiancee with another man - one of Pablo's own henchmen no less - he sees red and the fighter in him is unleashed.

Thirteen years later Eddie is ready to start again. With his faithful dog Jessie by his side, he stumbles into the lives of Mike and Sue Shepherd, struggling farmers in the North of England. Together they show him the love and respect he hasn't known for so long. Over time, he is able to confess and relive his past - the attack, the arrest, the sentence, the time. And perhaps, just perhaps, a new future lies ahead; even - all things being equal - one last shot at the title . . .

The second novel by former BBC sports producer Alec Weeks (Match of the Day), Stormy Petrel is a tale of courage, failing, loyalty and second chances.

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