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The story of Johnny Captor, an amateur boxer from Coos Bay, Oregon, who forsakes his college studies for a chance at fame in the ring. Guided by George Beifus, his trainer, a former prizefighter who believes Johnny will be the next "great white hope," the series follows Johnny as he struggles to become a world champion.

Originally a five-part miniseries, The Contender was also made available as a pared-down feature film. Marc Singer stars as Johnny Captor, an Oregon-based boxer with Olympic aspirations. When his dad commits suicide, Johnny decides to quit college and support his mom and brother by boxing professionally.

Moses Gunn costars as Captor's trainer George Beifus, who vicariously relives his own glory days in the ring through his boy Johnny. Katherine Cannon is Jill, the obligatory girl friend who hates boxing and wants Johnny to quit.

The Contender ran on the CBS TV network from April 3 to May 1, 1980.

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