Friday, December 3, 2010



It's been ten years since his last fight, but fate is calling him back. Against his doctor's orders former Champion Boxer Orlando Leone (Carman) agrees to go back into the ring for a championship grudge match.

With everything on the line, Leone's counting on faith to give him the strength to fight for his dreams.

His strength made him a boxer. His faith made him a champion. Former Champion Boxer Orlando Leone (Carman) is "The Preacher" at an inner-city youth center. Wanting to give something back to the community, he bought a large building for a church youth center. But the cash ran out before he could finish fixing it up and now, the mortgage company is about to foreclose.

With his bills mounting, a troubled kid under his wing, and a beautiful woman reluctant to get involved with a preacher, a weaker soul might have lost hope. So he agrees to risk his life for one last fight.

Carman is entering the ring, but he's not alone. He has faith in his corner.

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