Friday, December 3, 2010



The con is on and so are the laughs in this two-fisted comedy packed with surprises and "rock 'em sock 'em action" (David Sheehan, KNBC). James Woods and Louis Gossett, Jr. are a potent one-two punch as a pair of mismatched partners in for the scam of their lives in a "movie that's hard to resist" (Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune).

For con artist Gabriel Caine (Woods), Diggstown is the promised land, legendary for its high-stakes boxing matches that attract high rollers from miles around.

Gabe, recognizing a golden opportunity, bets the town's powerful boss (Bruce Dern) that his fighter will defeat ten opponents in 24 hours. It's far from a sure thing, though, since Gabe's fighter is "Honey" Roy Palmer (Gossett, Jr.), a cranky, over-the-hill 48-year-old who has just come out of retirement. But Roy comes out swinging, pulverizing one contender after another, leading to a final exciting bout that may decide the ownership of the town itself!

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