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This quartet of DVDs takes a most cool look inside the styles and science of every kind of fighting …


Travel the globe with American fighters Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson as they struggle to learn new hand-to-hand combat disciplines from top masters and embrace traditional cultures in each riveting episode of Fight Quest.

Jimmy and Doug are given only five days to study the brutal art of stick-fighting in the Philippines (Kali), Israeli military Krav Maga defense techniques and so much more before facing off against local expert fighters in this action-packed, graphic journey to explore the deadliest martial arts on Earth.

Episodes: Philippines - Kali China - Kung Fu Japan - Kyokushin karate Korea - Hapkido France - Savate Indonesia - Pencak-Silat Mexico - Mexico Boxing Brazil - Jiu-Jitsu Israel - Krav Maga USA - Kajukenbo Thailand - Muay Thai India - Kalarippayattu Hong Kong - Wing Chung.


The History Channel’s Human Weapon is hosted by martial arts fighter Jason Chambers and former football pro Bill Duff. They put their bodies on the line in every episode while providing an entertaining and informative narrative on every style of fighting they learned.

At the end of each episode one of the two hosts take on a master in the martial art they just learned.

Certain episodes feature such MMA stars as Cung Le, Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko!


DISC 1: Muay Thai: Ultimate Striking; Eskrima Stickfighting; Karate; Savate Streetfighting; Bonus: Master Fights.

DISC 2: Judo: Samurai Legacy; Pankration: The Original Martial Art; Krav Maga of the Israeli Commandos; Marine Corps Martial Arts; Bonus: Additional Footage.

DISC 3: MMA: America's Extreme Fighting; Kung Fu; Sambo: Russia's Extreme Fighting; Cambodian Blood Sport.

DISC 4: Silat: Martial Art of Malaysia; Passport to Pain; Ninjutsu; Taekwondo; Bonus: Master Moves.


National Geographic reveals the science behind mixed martial arts, special operations and self-defense in Fight Science. From martial artists who defy what many people think is humanly possible - to elite military units trained to become ultimate warriors - to masters of self-defense who teach how to fight for your life, Fight Science analyzes how these experts generate the power and speed behind each move.

Featuring amazing visuals and spectacular CGI that has become of the Fight Science legend, National Geographic reveals the secrets of some of the most powerful fighting techniques in the world and explores the incredible physiology and training of fighting masters.


Finally, Spike’s newest hit show, Deadliest Warrior, has arrived on DVD! Watch as the most feared warriors civilization has ever known are pitted against each other in battle.

Using 21st century science and the latest in CGI technology, each episode enlists warrior-specific world-class fighters and experts to analyze every facet of their unique skills of destruction and to answer the all-important question: who is the deadliest warrior?


Go inside the cultures of the most famous warriors of all time as host Terry Schappert, a Green Beret, explores the weaponry, tactics, training, and psyches of history s greatest fighting men.

Every episode of Warriors tells the dramatic tales of iconic warrior cultures the Vikings, Aztecs, Barbarians including the rituals, technologies, and strategies that made them so mighty. From Spartans to samurai, Zulus to medieval knights, Schappert fully immerses himself in these warrior cultures, experiencing firsthand their fighting techniques and testing their weapons. See the pre-battle rituals, initiations, and battlefield approaches of the Mayan warriors a force that relied on human sacrifice, bizarre ceremonies, and deadly weapons.

Uncover the weapons and tactics that led to a shocking Barbarian victory against the Roman army. Learn the secrets and traditions of the elite and mysterious warriors who for centuries ruled Japan. And explore in each episode a climactic battle that showcases the warriors strengths, weaknesses, and life-and-death struggles.

Walking in the footsteps of history s greatest warriors proves to be a gut-wrenching experience, but it s all part of Schappert s amazing journey to discover the heart of a warrior.

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